Health & Wellness

Many of our customers come to us in search of alternative choices for health and wellness. This department is a special part of our market. We have a helpful and knowledgeable staff to assist you in finding the products that you may have been hearing about in the media or researching to address a particular health issue. If you need more information on a supplement or remedy we can assist you in finding that information.

We do our best to carry reputable supplement brands and often choose not to carry a particular item because of questionable ingredients or practices. You can find on our shelves certified Kosher, Gluten and Wheat Free, Gelatin Free, Soy Free and Corn Free options. We have an extensive selection of herbal tinctures, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies. Aside from nutritional supplementation we have all your personal needs items. We carry many products that are SLS free, Fluoride free, and aluminum free.


We have many lines of beauty and cosmetic products to pamper your skin and enhance your natural beauty. We strive to provide cruelty free, not animal tested products that are formulated with non-harmful components to your health. Many of our products are without paraben, artificial fragrance and colors, petroleum, and formaldehyde.